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Man Stands Up for Teenager Being Bullied at the Airport and Wins Our Hearts

We'd like to assume the best of people, and generally, most people are decent folks. However, there are some people out there who are just dead inside and choose to spend their limited time on this earth being bullies. It's up to decent people to stand up to bullies- wherever they are.

TikTok user @christopherbryanp1 isn't generally a confrontational person. However, when he saw a grown man filming a teenager and mocking him at their airport, he knew he had to take action.

Wow... we've got a lot to say, but for starters- WHAT THE ACTUAL **** is wrong with that dude?! That kind of needless cruelty and homophobia is never ok in any scenario, but to do that to a minor, and without his knowledge, too- something has to be deeply broken inside you to lower you to that point as a human. Just despicable.

Luckily, Christopher showed us how to be an everyday hero by taking swift, decisive action. It just goes to show that sometimes all it takes is one person to stand up to bullies and take out their ability to do any more harm. Christopher won our hearts, but more important than what we might think of him- he was the one to do the right thing.

Helpful commenters advised what stronger actions he and others in a similar situation can take in the future. "Flight Attendant here. Next time inform the gate agent etc. He would not be allowed on my flight," said @hw1991713. This advice was confirmed by @chrisgavegan: "Gate agent here! Just let any gate agent know the ones that work for the airline specifically. He’d be denied boarding so fast." Great, and important, advice. Anybody willing to act this way in public should not be put in an enclosed space with their victim. Don't be afraid to shut it down in a big way.

"As a Mom, thank you for protecting someone’s child. This is a really kind and thoughtful thing for you to do," applauded @sumrlovn. "That took courage bro. Thank you for standing up for someone when you didn’t have to. Strong character trait frfr," commended @kungfu_kenny404.

We hope the bully is swiftly identified and action is taken- such a person doesn't need to be flying with others. In the meantime, we applaud Chris' actions, and we can all take a lesson from what he did that day.

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