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Tour of 'TED Curiosity Room' at San Francisco Marriott Has Us Totally Intrigued

It would be so much fun to stay here!

Most of us are familiar with TED — the organization behind TED Talks, of course — and thanks to their work, we've learned a lot of things we might not have ever thought about otherwise. And if you're the kind of person who always queues up a good TED Talk on YouTube when you need a pep talk or want to discover something new, this hotel might be the perfect travel destination.

On TikTok, @marriottbonvoy is introducing us to an experience in one of their San Francisco hotels that actually looks really cool. There's a TED Curiosity Room at the city's Marriott Marquis, a room that anyone with a TED obsession would probably love to stay in. 

Of course, the room is all decorated in the brand's signature red, and it's basically one big escape room, leaving guests with a challenging puzzle to solve using clues found around the room. This is something that is likely geared towards adults and older kids, but considering how fun the atmosphere is, we have a feeling younger kids aren't going to complain about staying here while their parents have fun! 

It's also an especially unique experience, since there are only three of these hotel rooms worldwide... and to get to the other two, you'd have to visit Bangkok or London. 

This definitely seems worth checking out. Where else can you find an immersive experience like this that you can take part in without leaving your hotel room?