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Woman Embarks on a Solo Cruise and Her Adventure Is Going Viral

For most people, cruises are something you do with other people- you go with you family, you book a big friends getaway with all your buddies, or you and your partner take a couple's cruise together. One women, however, is taking me time to the next level by booking a solo cruise for herself!

TikTok influencer @taraswrld loves taking time for herself and traveling. Why not combine the two of them into one and treat herself to a little solo travel? And that's exactly what she did: she took her first solo cruise in March, and enjoyed the experience so much that she just had to do it again!

LOL! This girl is wild! But we admire her confidence- she knows that she loves solo traveling, and she's not afraid to do what makes her happy. Sounds like she's a party all on her own!

"ME TIME IS ESSENTIALLY ESSENTIAL," cheered on @motivationalpitstop. They know what's up! '“In a constant state of me time” I LOVE THAT," praised @eemilyy567. Honestly, we wish we could all each get to that constant state of me time ourselves.

For Tara's many devoted followers, her cruise trip videos are a real treat, and many were excited to see her out on the high seas yet again. "YAS THE CRUISE SERIES IS BACK," cheered @leahrose143. "SEASON 3 OF KEEPING UP WITH TARA😅😅," @livdainton said excitedly. TBH, it sounds like the Tara lore runs pretty deep. Maybe once House of the Dragon wraps its first season, we can try to catch up on... Cruise of the Tara?

Anyway, we hope this me-time queen enjoys her solo cruise trip. Don't get seasick!