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Woman's Video of the Water Completely Sucked Out of Tampa Bay Before the Hurricane Is Going Viral

Hurricane season is off to a terrifying start, with brutal hurricanes hitting back-to-back: first Fiona, which ran its destructive course from Puerto Rico all the way up to Canada, and now Hurricane Ian, which is battering Florida. Currently, the scenes coming from South and Central Florida are nightmarish.

Take Tampa right now- because the impending storm is so massive, it's literally sucked out all the water in Tampa Bay. Tampa resident @ohnoitsco shows us an up-close view of the bay and it's so ominous.

Uh-oh. That is a very, very bad sign. Tampa Bay has a pretty large volume normally, so the fact that it has been drained and receded that far out mean that there's literally millions of gallons of it suspended in the storm, waiting to be dropped down over Florida. This is going to be a rough one. Or, as a worried @kerrie_anne1973 put it, "WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN…..😳."

"That’s the universal sign for RUN," exclaimed @darkxprincesssx. "Then that water arrives as a rushing storm surge. During Hurricane Sandy in NY, it sometimes reached 50 feet," @x.y.z_1.2.3 stated. They're right- when that water comes back, it's going to return with a vengeance.

Despite the clear danger, some hobbyists saw a great opportunity to explore the drained bay. "Is it terrible of me to immediately think about all of the amazing shells that could be found right now? Once a shell hound always a shell hound 😉😁," said @tishwydick. "I totally would be out there collecting treasures 😂," echoed @xobreeoxo. "If anyone dropped their phone in the bay or lost their wedding ring nows the time to go get it," quipped @ukejuke100.

While we ourselves admit that the idea of looking around and seeing what's normally at the bottom of a bay is a really intriguing idea, we hope that other curious minds put their safety over their curiosity. A Category 4 hurricane is nothing to mess around with in the best of circumstances. We hope that everybody going through Hurricane Ian right now will make it out safe, and our thoughts are with them.