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Man Tries to Book Tampa Airbnb in the Wake of Hurricane Ian and Host's Reaction Is Priceless

She's so surprised it's like she has no emotion at all.

If you live in the United States, there's a good chance you've heard a lot about Hurricane Ian, especially if you live in Florida, which is expected to receive heavy impact from the storm. Over the past couple of days, people have been evacuating their homes and traveling to safer areas ahead of the storm. That includes people who live in Tampa, and many of them have chosen to stay more inland until it passes.

And then, there is one man who wanted to head to Tampa this week in the face of it all — and the Airbnb host (@alexahiggins) who received his booking request and simply couldn't believe it. She had the best reaction to someone trying to visit Tampa right now that we could have imagined. 

The woman is currently in New York, so she's been renting her house in Tampa out on Airbnb while she's not using it. Someone attempted to book the house starting Wednesday, September 28 — right when the hurricane is scheduled to start affecting the area. She messaged him to cancel his reservation in light of the weather and the mandatory evacuations, and still, he didn't seem to quite get it.

"Why is anybody traveling to Tampa? This is all over the news, and people need to leave," she said. "Second of all, I don't understand how it doesn't make sense that there's a hurricane coming and that's why I need to cancel you." 

Hopefully, if this man still chooses to travel to Tampa, he stays safe. This hurricane is no joke, and as we all know, mother nature isn't something to mess with!