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Video of Spectacular Sunrise in Switzerland Gives Us Major Wanderlust

A bright sunrise can rouse and inspire the senses, especially as you're trying to shake off your slumber. After the deep, dark night, there's something so comforting and reinvigorating about seeing the world reawaken under a spectacular sunrise.

And if you want to talk about spectacular sunrises, there's no better place to witness one than sitting on top of a mountain. TikTok travel influencer Melody, aka @ani__mel, saw a grand opportunity to capture the perfect sunrise while visiting Switzerland. High up in the Alps, her view was truly stunning.

What a gorgeous, reflective scene. The clouds that she (and her calf companion) stared out over looked like an otherworldly ocean in the sky. Seeing the mist roll away and reveal the countryside for miles around, it awoke something in us- something that makes us wish we were on a quiet mountain far from home, watching the world wake up under us.

"No Walmarts, dollar generals, or some big industrial factory????" asked @milkenjoyer66 ironically. "No :) just a sweet guesthouse that grows a lot of their own food," responded Melody. How we wish we were there.

"Fluffy clouds and a fluffy cow," admired @beatopia1036. "Do you ever wonder if animals are just as awestruck as us by nature scenes? 🤔," replied @trillmattic. That had us wondering too... we wonder if the calf knows just how lucky they are to be somewhere so beautiful. We don't think we'd ever get tired of waking up to such beautiful scenery every morning.

One user expressed what all of us have been feeling watching this: "I hope to experience this one day." We hope that everyone will get the opportunity to live out a moment as perfect and serene as this at least once in their lives.