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Hiking in Switzerland Comes With an Unexpected Surprise Along the Trails

What's your go-to hiking snack? Trail mix? Dried fruit? Beef jerky? How about a nice slice of fresh cheese, made from the creamy milk of Swiss cows living in the Alps?

If that sounds a bit out there, we understand- cheese generally doesn't keep well in a backpack. However, that isn't a problem for hikers in the Swiss Alps! TikTok user @bregoa shows us in this video how she and her hiking companions acquired fresh cheese while taking to the trails in Switzerland!

How cool is that? Insert your payment, open the fridge, and voila, freshly made cheese! It's a great way for the farmers to sell their goods and for the hikers to get some delicious calories on their long walk. Straight from a fridge in a little hut, it's as cool and fresh as it would be coming out of a grocery store (tbh, probably even fresher)! Pack some nice salami and a baguette, and you could fashion yourself a little charcuterie lunch on the trail!

People wanted to learn how it all worked. "Do you just leave the money there?" asked @lgmlsm. "Yes! You can either leave cash in a little box there and most spots you can also pay on Twint, the Swiss version of Venmo," answered @bregoa. "How do they power the fridge?" user @steuerfrei wanted to know. "There was a small power generator for cow fences around and this fridge." @bregoa replied.

Many remarked that this nice amenity largely operates on the honors system, and would not be viable where they're from. "Switzerland is the closest to a utopia in existence," remarked @trioper1111. "In London the cheese, the fridge, the hut, and the mountain would be stolen." quipped @dillianargoswhyte. LOL, oh man.

"I can't accept the fact that the ppl would pay for them," one user remarked. "Can’t accept the fact that people wouldn’t pay for the result of someone’s hard work." @bregoa clapped back. Yes! Nice comeback! And seriously- if we want to see more nice stuff like this, we need to fairly compensate the people who provide these goods and services!

We love seeing things like this- it's a wonderful sign of community and cooperation. Take advantage of this if you're ever traveling through the Alps, and pay your farmers well!

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