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Viral Video Showing Switzerland at Christmas Puts Us in a Holiday Mood

The summer months brought us many amazing hiking videos straight from the Swiss Alps. When the weather is warm and calm, Switzerland's gorgeous mountains make for incredible hiking and climbing opportunities. But what happens when Switzerland gets too cold for casual hikes and snow blankets the land?

In the winter, Switzerland transforms into the quintessential winter wonderland! Traveling TikToker @neil.james captured some glorious footage of various locations in Switzerland around Christmastime, and it's put us in our holiday spirits early!

Gorgeous! It resembles a Christmas-themed storybook, or to quote the old Christmas song "Sleigh Ride", "Like a picture print from Currier and Ives." From the snow-covered mountains to the towering Christmas trees, the horse-drawn carriages and cozy-looking trains- even the hot chocolate loaded with whipped cream- all of it has us feeling a lot like Christmas- and it's barely even fall!

"Where in the Disney fairytale is this?!" wondered @slayygogh, clearly entranced by the cheery scenes. "Gstaad, Switzerland," responded @mariooooo.2. A chic ski resort town, Gstaad might exemplify some of the best of what Switzerland has in the winter months. But Gstaad was not the only locale in the video- we also saw Zermatt and the Matterhorn in that video as well. All across the country, Switzerland is lovely in the winter.

"This has to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. ♥️," admired @suzanna_may. "This is so dreamy oh my godddd," @ellizaghimire breathed in awe. "If my future husband doesn’t bring me here for Christmas we’re getting a divorce," stated @preppymaddy..routine sternly.

LOL! We must admit we don't have an ultimatum quite that extreme. That being said, however, it's now our dream to visit and experience Switzerland during the holiday season. It's just so perfect!