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Man Has the Funniest Take on People Asking to Switch Seats on a Plane

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Plane travel today is already stressful under normal circumstances. But any additional layer of unexpectedness can lead to shocking results and sometime awkward situations. Frequently, when we are booking trips, available seat assignments are not always grouped together to suit our needs. Oftentimes, you need to pay extra just to get a confirmed seat assignment. 

TikTok video creator @hunterkaimibrown shares with us his funny role play on what people are 'really' thinking and feeling when asked to switch seats with fellow passengers. While this is his 'take' on swapping seat scenarios, we'll bet it actually does happen in today's society. How would you react if this was requested of you?

Would you ever ask a passenger to swap seats with you in order to be able to sit with your family members? Or, have you ever been on the other end of the request? How would you react? Would you readily switch? Or are you really thinking, I'll switch seats with you, but that will be $300 and you can Zelle or Venmo me?

TikTok viewers have mixed feelings about this situation and have no qualms sharing their opinions. User @inac.freitas says, "Your lack of planning doesn't constitute an emergency for me." Another fan, @meme_queen_sorta states, "If you didn’t pay for the seats to be together, I ain’t moving." Viewer @catheriinea writes, "As a flight attendant, if the person gives up their seat for someone, I make sure they get a better one whether that's moving closer up front, exit row." Now, that sounds like an easy 'YES' for any passenger. Thank goodness for all of the wonderful flight attendants. Another comment from @livingsonny states, "I think it's fair to ask to switch but also need to respect it if the other person doesn't want to."

First class, business and economy are certainly different travel levels and always different airfares, so we understand where the 'logic' is coming from. How would you handle this situation? Would you give up a first class seat to sit in Economy in this scenario? Be ready, it will most likely happen soon to you up in the 'friendly' skies. Safe travels.

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