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Woman Shares the Reality of People Wanting to Switch Seats on Planes and We're Here For It

The audacity people have is just incredible.

When it comes to airplane seat assignments, most of us take them pretty seriously, even if we're traveling alone. If you have a window seat or an aisle seat (anything but the middle seat, to be honest), it's likely because that's what you wanted. Still, that's never stopped people from asking if they could trade seats with you!

If this is something that annoys you about traveling, rest assured that you aren't alone — and that this TikTok video from @chelseazeferina will speak to your soul. Some people are just bold.

Stitching a video from someone who was pleased with their window seat, this traveler told her own story. She was flying late at night and booked a window seat so she'd have something to lean on and could sleep during the flight, but when she boarded the plane, someone was already in her seat... with his hoodie over his face, pretending to be asleep. 

Yep, that's pretty annoying, but the fear of confrontation did not stop her from claiming what was rightfully hers! 

"He looks up and me and goes, 'oh, do you mind if I sit here? I'm supposed to be in the middle seat, but I don't want to sit there,'" she said.

When she refused to switch seats, he got "huffy" and stayed mad for the rest of the flight. Super fun person to sit next to, we're sure. 

Like she said in the video, the audacity some people have (not just when they're traveling, y'all) is truly amazing. Can we all just be considerate of each other when we fly?