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Woman's Story About a Swingers 'Lifestyle' Cruise Has Us Rolling

We've heard a few crazy stories about people booking a trip on a cruise without realizing that they had inadvertently joined a swingers cruise! Stories like these always crack us up. But what's the experience like from the other side- what do lifestylers think of normies joining their cruises?

 Sex therapist and talk show host @coffeewithsue is a swinger who enjoys going on lifestyle cruises. In this video, she shares a horror story of an infamous time when a Temptations cruise sold half of their tickets to non-swingers!

OMG! Who in the world thought this was a good idea? Swingers and religious fundamentalists mix about as well as oil and water. We feel bad for the swingers on this trip- nobody wants to book what they thought would be a fun getaway only to be harassed the entire time. If we were in their shoes, we'd be asking for a refund! If you're into certain scenes and lifestyles like Sue is, take her advice to heart- stay far away from cruises that try to mix lifestylers with normies!

Others into alternative lifestylers shared their own similar stories in the comments, ranging from the merely awkward to the nightmarish! "I was at a swingers convention one time. Half the hotel was ours half was the Midwest pastors association," recalled @jennydalynnthompson. OK, seriously, who keeps booking these things? Guess that one may have just come down to bad timing, but still. 

"Went to a huge latex convention in Houston in 2019, top 3 floors were us, rest of the hotel normies. We got so many looks," shared @nm_desert_rat.

Understandably, just like Sue, other lifestylers are very wary of mixed-group events. "We wouldn’t go to anything lifestyle that wasn’t 100% lifestyle. Cruises, resorts, hotels etc.. we want to have a good time and not offend anyone," stated @tomandbunny.

It seems liked mixed-lifestyle cruises are awkward for both sides, not just the normies. Many lifestylers try to avoid these by sticking with exclusive events. As for the normies, if you're not into swinging or similar lifestyles, steer clear of cruises from companies like Temptations or Bliss... it'll just make things weird for everybody!

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