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Video Showing the 'Airbnb of Pools' Is the Summer Hack We All Need

With summer in full force and temperatures skyrocketing around the globe, many people are looking for ways to stay cool this season. There's nothing better than a cool dip in a nice pool to pass the time on a hot day. Unfortunately, most people don't own their own pool, and not everyone feels comfortable braving the yucky human soup that is a public swimming pool!

Luckily though, one Tiktok user discovered a way around this hurdle using Swimply, an awesome app that's making the private home pool experience more accessible for people who don't own a swimming pool. Tiktok user @jesslanderreinell posted a video of her experience enjoying a relaxing pool day... in somebody else's pool! 

"When its 100 degrees and you don’t have a pool…I booked this pool for four hours on Swimply, which is like Airbnb for pools. New summer hack" explained @jesslanderreinell in the description. That's one heck of a hack! The property is so gorgeous and private, a perfect spot for a low-key pool party!

People in the comments were blown away by this, especially those who had never heard of Swimply before."how does it work? do they watch you? how do you get in? access to a bathroom?" asked user @travelingjoy. The video's creator responded: "Most have bathroom access. I’m sure getting in depends on this pool. But in this case, the host left the back gate open for us and wasn’t even home!"

So you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing swim on a beautiful property...without having to share the water and the changing rooms with a bunch of sweaty strangers? Brb, downloading Swimply now! But for real, this seems like an awesome resource for people to take advantage of this summer, because seriously, with the weather being as crazy hot as it is right now, we could all use a nice swim.

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