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Woman Tries to Swim With Sea Turtles 'For the Gram' and Total Hilarity Results

This wasn't the experience she expected.

Swimming with sea creatures on vacation is a pretty common experience. People pay good money to snorkel, pet a dolphin... even swim among actual pigs in the Bahamas. Sea turtles are also an option, but as with any situation where live animals are involved, your results may vary, as one woman on TikTok learned. 

User @dineozonke shared what happened when she tried to swim with sea turtles "for the 'Gram," and it didn't quite go the way she'd hoped. Her reaction to being surrounded by turtles is too good. Just the look on her face is totally making our day.

Obviously, this isn't what she expected when she decided to do this activity — judging by the look on her face, it actually wasn't anywhere near what she thought it would be. LOL! 

Fortunately, most of her 1,700 comments are from people who are admitting they'd either react the same way she did or giving her props for doing something out of her comfort zone.

"And this is exactly how I would be. Girl, some of us are not meant for that IG life... and that's ok," one person wrote. 

Another added, "The ‘it’s fine’ at the end with your facial expression that said ‘this is anything but fine’ made me scream." 

She definitely gets points for being brave and trying something new. So she found out she didn't like it — now she knows not to mess with sea turtles next time. Ha!