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Viral Video Showing 'Pool Full of Stars' in Greece Is Straight Out of a Dream

This is so beautiful, we're speechless.

There are a lot of reasons that Greece is on people's bucket lists — the scenery is gorgeous, the place is full of history, and the food doesn't hurt, either. But now, we might have one more reason to start planning a visit: The opportunity to swim in the stars.

Okay, so this only happens at a certain resort in Greece, but still... after seeing a TikTok shared by @florina_toma, we're fully convinced to book a stay. You have to see this "pool full of stars" at the Port Royal Villas and Spas — it really does take your breath away.

If you've ever looked at the night sky and wanted to be a part of it... this might just be the closest you can get while staying on earth.

The illusion is created by lights in the pool, but they sure do look like stars — this is one of those experiences we'd never forget! And add in the fact that you're also in Greece, and yeah... like we said, bucket list potential. 

Over 18 million people have already seen the video, and with well over 17,000 comments, if you're wishing you were in this pool right now, you're certainly in good company! 

"I’d simply not get out of it," one commenter wrote, while another added, "Forget it, we're moving to Greece." Same! 

BRB, looking up flights to Greece so we can see this in person. This is something everyone should experience for themselves! 

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