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Airport in the World's 'Northernmost' Town Is So Fascinating

What's it like living in the world's northernmost settlement? The residents of Longyearbyen, the largest city on the Norwegian island of Svalbard, know. Svalbard is 500 miles within the Arctic circle, and nearly 2,000 km away from the Norwegian mainland- yet people have made their homes on the little Arctic island.

But what do you do when you want to get down south? Svalbard resident Cecilia Blomdahl, or @sejsejlija on TikTok, shows us what it's like flying out of Svalbard's only airport! 

Listen... we know it isn't easy living on Svalbard. Life is a lot different and a lot more difficult when you live above the North Pole- among other issues Svalbard residents face, apparently polar bear attacks are so common there that residents traveling outside of the settlements are recommended to carry guns!

With that being acknowledged, we must admit that we are totally jealous of how relaxed that airport experience seems to be. Like, showing up to the airport at boarding? That would be unthinkable practically anywhere else in the world! "My dad makes us leave for the airport 6 hours before our flight," mused @jt_0202, reflecting what the reality of air travel is like for most of us. If only all airport experiences were so efficient and straightforward as they are on Svalbard!

The peek inside Svalbard Airport had plenty of people curious about life on the island, and wanting to see it for ourselves. "Are people allowed to visit?" asked @chisquared03. "Yeah, tourism is very popular on Svalbard," responded @miss.chatty.deb. Interesting... we think Svalbard just officially made its way on our travel bucket lists! And hey, at least we know we won't have to show up to the airport hours in advance on our way out!

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