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Lady Reports 'Suspicious Passengers' on Norwegian Ferry and the Video Is Priceless

Guess there are Karens in every country.

It makes sense that people are extra cautious about their surroundings when traveling — or even when they're just out and about. It can be hard to feel safe in an unfamiliar place, especially when anything can happen. But then, there are those people who cross the line from being cautious about their safety to ruining the fun that total strangers are trying to have without hurting anybody else. 

One of those people is the subject of a recent TikTok video from @marieriksmoen that's going viral, and honestly, we just have to laugh. She reported seeing "suspicious passengers" on her ferry in Norway... and once you see them, you will laugh, too. 

According to the video, someone allegedly reported that some men were acting suspicious on the ferry, but in this footage, all we see is a few dudes living their best lives. They're all practicing a totally coordinated dance, and it looks like they're having a blast. Unusual? Sure. But suspicious? Uh, probably not. 

What was she worried they were going to do — force everyone to join them? 

The audio in the background of the video is "Jingle Bell Rock," and we really hope that's the song they choreographed this dance to, because it goes along with their moves perfectly! 

People really had a field day with this one in the comments. 

"Dangerous times with TikTok dances, especially with those big happy smiles. Conflicts with the miserable," one person wrote.

Another commented, "very Dangerous, the smiles and dancing gives them away!" 

These people aren't suspicious... they're just having fun. Here's hoping the video they were making goes viral so we can all see it!