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Epic Suspension Bridge in Switzerland Looks Incredible but So Terrifying

With it's gorgeous alpine landscape, Switzerland is one of the best destinations in the world for hiking. If you're looking for a unique walk you can take while visiting the Swiss Alps- and you can really handle some heights- we've got a great recommendation for you. One word of advice though- don't look down!

The Trift Bridge is a long pedestrian-only suspension bridge, one of the many suspension bridges throughout Switzerland. It offers its pedestrians stunning views as they walk far above the Trift glacier and its corresponding lake. However, it's also a terrifying walk with a 100 meter drop around all sides. However, Giselle and Stephen of the TikTok account @theloverspassport (who also recently got engaged!) braved the heights and crossed the Trift Bridge.

That drone shot is absolutely stunning- and helpful, because there's no way we'd ever be able to look down on that view if we found ourselves on that bridge! Those heights are so intimidating. However, the gorgeous turquoise glacier lake and river are absolutely spectacular to see in such fine detail. Truly a rewarding hike for those who can stomach those heights!

"Terrifying but so beautiful!" agreed @vanlifewiththejoneses. "Epic shot," congratulated @iamelliotthowl. Honestly, it really is though- if you told us this was featured in National Geographic, we wouldn't question it for a second.

Switzerland is a hiker's paradise in the right seasons, and a trip over the Trift Bridge will reward those who experience it with some incredible sights. However, not everyone can take the heights- but they can still live vicariously through gorgeous footage like this.