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Husband's Surprise Birthday Trip for His Wife Is Something We All Dream Of

It's important to keep the spark going in a partnership when you've been together for a while. Spontaneity and romanticism are two great personality traits to have in a partner, as it's those kind of people that will still sweep you off of your feet even after many years together.

TikTok user @ferchochavarria1 certainly has quite the spontaneous romantic streak, which he showed with this beautiful birthday surprise for his wife. It's one thing to throw a surprise party, but a surprise vacation? That's next level!

Ok, we've seen enough- this dude wins the Husband of the Year award, hands down. Seriously, like wow- he gets the in-laws to help with the kids, buys her a vacation wardrobe, and somehow keeps all of this a secret until hours before their flight? She is one lucky lady!

Naturally, the comments were full of impressed people. "Excuse me sir, you dropped this 👑" commented @sherpafox. "My first thought “ohh life without kids”… then heard the in-laws were helping! We need more men like you 🥰" said @mystylepassport.

"I envy people who can do this. My ocd would never…" said @halloweeniebb. "I need to prep- check weather, pick restaurants, choose destination appropriate activities, etc."  "She is the same way but she just had to trust me," the video's creator responded. It must be easy for her to trust her husband when he's clearly so sweet and organized!

We think this is absolutely romantic, and @ferhochavarria1 wins a million husband points in our eyes. Happy birthday to his lovely wife, and we hope they had a great time in NYC!

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