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Woman Shares Her Superstitious Pre-Flight Ritual and People Can Totally Relate

Regardless of whether or not you're a "good flyer," we all have certain aspects of traveling that make us feel a little more comfortable getting from point A to point B. And for some people, that comes in the form of little rituals or behaviors, as superstitious as that might sound.

One TikTok creator, @nanreilly, was brave enough to share her own superstitious pre-flight ritual, and the video is quickly going viral with over 2.3 million views. Watch carefully to see what she does during the boarding process, right before she steps onto the plane. For whatever reason, this behavior helps her feel more at ease, like it will ward off something bad from happening.

OMG. She puts her right hand on the aircraft to the right of the door before boarding. She's SO not the only one who does this! People couldn't wait to jump into the comments to let her know that she's not alone in her flying superstitions. Yours truly, @Mary J Hawk said, "Omg I do the exact same thing 😳." It's true. Every. Single. Time. Another commenter, @lyssalovely added, "As a flight attendant, I can confirm I see this happen multiple times a day during boarding." See? This is totally a thing.

People also chimed in to share their own little superstition behaviors. @Anna May said, "My dad and I have always done this, and we always tell the plane to “take care of us” while we step in." Then there's @Prank Lloyd Wright, who definitely isn't taking any chances: "I have to read a book about a plane crash on the plane so that the plane I’m on doesn’t crash 😆." (That might not be a bad strategy.) And @Nikki Hefner noted, "My dad taught me to kiss my hand and then touch the plane when getting on to keep the plane safe." Aww. That's actually pretty sweet.

But whatever you need to do to make yourself feel better about getting on a flight, we say, more power to you. After all, a little superstition never hurt anybody, right?

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