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Super Yacht Crew Member's Tour of Her Minuscule Cabin Is Mind-Blowing

We're claustrophobic after watching this.

Those who have been on a cruise before know that, unless you're willing to spend the big bucks for a suite, things can get a bit cramped in your stateroom. And if you've been on a yacht, you know the sleeping quarters are even smaller. After all, it's a boat, not a hotel — and since you're usually only there for a week or so, it's no big deal to work with less space. 

But what if it wasn't just temporary? Those who work on cruises and yachts are living in tiny spaces for months out of the year... and after seeing this TikTok video from yacht crew member @yachtiaudrey, we've realized we had no idea how small the crew's cabins could truly be. 

The crew member, named Audry, showed off the private room that she lives in on the yacht, and she enters through a hatch on the main deck, climbing down a ladder to get into the room — pretty cool! The ladder ends in her bathroom, which is miniscule; it's barely enough room for a toilet, and to really emphasize how small this space is, her sink faucet is also the shower head. Whoa!

Her bed is tucked right next to it, and that's it. That's the whole cabin. And even though we might be watching this from a normal-sized room on land right now, wondering how someone can exist in a space that tiny, she actually said that this is a good sized bed compared to the ones some crew members end up with! If you're claustrophobic, this might not be the job for you.

But it does look cozy, and having that kind of privacy while working with others in close quarters probably means more than having a ton of space to spread out.

This crew member seems happy, which is what really matters — and in the morning, she gets to climb up on deck and see a beautiful view, since she's currently in Italy. Maybe we are the ones who are doing it wrong...