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Video Showing Sunset Walks Among Wildflowers in Mount Rainier Is Straight Out of a Dream

Overlooking the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area sits the summit of Mount Rainier, a still-active volcano that is the highest peak in the Cascade Mountains. Mount Rainier hasn't erupted since 1894, but it could erupt again, making it one of the most closely monitored volcanoes within the continental United States. It has remained quiet for so long, however, that its slopes have become overgrown with lush greenery and beautiful flora.

TikTok user @juliiathompson takes us on a peaceful sunset walk through the wildflowers growing on Mount Rainier. A mere two-hour drive from a major metropolitan area, the mountain feels as far from the modern world as any place on this planet, and it seems as if @juliathompson has walked into a fairy tale dream.

We are blown away by the natural beauty of the scenery. The mountains colored purple and orange by the setting sun, the lush green trees scraping the skies, and the gorgeous wildflowers speckling the landscape come together to make the scene seem almost otherworldly. Simply stunning.

"What I would give to just lay there and look at everything," said user @murraycolchester, expressing what a lot of us are likely thinking. "@aiva.xox looks like something out of a fairytale," commented @kelseygrace06. So true!

"My home state :) Washington is simply the most beautiful place on earth no doubt," exclaimed @judah_bredige. After seeing this TikTok, we agree it's at least a contender for the title!

Also- @juliiathompson isn't alone on her walk. "Omg the deer," noticed @_auroraeclipse_. Yep, blink and you'll miss it (like we did at first), but there's a doe grazing among the wildflowers. Beautiful!

Scenes like this remind us that we need to do more to help the environment and preserve our natural world. Long after we're gone, the mountain will still be there- let's do our best to preserve its health and beauty for our future generations and for the animals and plants that inhabit it!