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Video Tour of 'Stranger Things' Locations in Georgia Is As Cool As It Gets

Season 4 of the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things, has everyone on the edge of their seats right now! This new season has created many viral trends all over the Internet, which attributes to the show's success with each season getting better and better. 

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @trippinonyouuu, the creator takes a trip to Hawkins, located in Georgia, the fictional town where Stranger Things was filmed. If you're a Stranger Things fan like we are, you'll freak out once you see all of the familiar places you can visit. Check it out!

WOW! You can really see all the landmarks and buildings that are featured in the show, like the water tower and the school. So many people are just as intrigued as we are. One TikTok user, @addisonhooper581, even said, "HOLD ON THAT'S IN GEORGIA. WHERE US IT IN GEORGIA? I NEED TO GO I LIVE HERE." Now, that's a super fan, alright.

Other people have already taken their very own tour of Hawkins. One comment from user @reeganmfabian asked, "Can you not get up close to Hawkins lab anymore? I went in 2019, and you could walk right up to the building." The creator replied with, "Unfortunately right now, no, they had security at the gate that said we couldn’t go any farther, seemed like trailers and equipment in the parking lot." Huh. Possibly filming for a new season? 

There is actually a college located in this town, and many of the viewers in the comments are highlighting this. Commenter @audsquad_ said, "I go to Berry College and live in those dorms haha!" We aren't sure about you, but we would never be able to watch Stranger Things if we went to school there, LOL. 

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