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Woman Finds Strange Mirror in Mexico Airbnb and People Are Freaked Out

Many people are wary of mirrors when entering a new Airbnb... and for good reason. There have been many incidents of Airbnbs hiding hidden cameras around their location, and two-way mirrors can give hosts a surreptitious way to spy on their guests. At this point, many Airbnb guests are in the habit of checking all the mirrors.

When Dutch DJ and TikTok user @zoef_dj checked into her Airbnb in Mexico, she checked the mirrors as usual. This time, however, she found something suspicious. 

And that right there is why you always check your mirrors in your Airbnb. Two-way mirrors aren't common in Airbnbs, but as you can see here, that doesn't mean there aren't any! She was pretty freaked out by her startling discovery, as were her followers, who started suggesting their advice.

Some were just not having it, period. "1. cover it. 2. run. 3. book a hotel," @akoreanmom straightforwardly advised. "There’s definitely more hidden cameras in apartment, I would not stay there," @a54373 surmised. Not everyone was as ready to jump to a worst-case scenario, but they were still cautious.

"My mirror in my bathroom which I installed myself has no gap. But I’d be more concerned how it’s embedded in the wall - that’s weird," remarked @rabk1982. "Put a blanket on it," suggested @asterager.

Luckily, @zoef_dj decided to do some investigation, and she figured out what the mystery mirror really was: "Long story short: we found out that it was an old window in between 2 buildings with 10 cm in between so nobody could see us. Still glad that we didn't became actors in a bad horror movie."

Good on her for not jumping to conclusions too early! While it's understandable to be wary at your Airbnb- because unfortunately, some hosts do spy on guests- sometimes things like this that seem initially suspicious do have a reasonable explanation. Don't be afraid to investigate, though. If something is setting off major red flags at your Airbnb, though, trust your gut and put your safety first! 

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