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Women Are Going to Extremes to Stay Safe in Ubers

While Ubers and similar ride-share services are generally regarded as safe ways to travel, that doesn't mean they're totally spotless. Many alleged incidents of assault and other similar crimes have been reported, leading to many people, women in particular, rethinking their usage of the service. If nothing else, many of these women are taking extra precautions to stay safe when using them.

TikTok user @brennalina often gets nervous when using ride-share services. She demostrates what she does every time she gets inside a ride-share vehicle.

  It really is sad that it's come to this. Uber is generally pretty good at background checking their drivers, and most of these rides are perfectly safe. However, that doesn't mean there aren't people who won't take advantage of the system and slip through the cracks- especially if they don't have a previous record. Even though incidents are statistically pretty rare, they still happen often enough that women and members of other vulnerable minority groups really have to consider the consequences of getting in a vehicle with a stranger, even if they've been vetted. 

Brenna's advice blew up, becoming massively viral- after being posted last month, it racked up almost 25 million views on TikTok. However, while this advice would be helpful in aiding a criminal investigation, it really doesn't do much to protect you while you're actually on the road. As @brief.candle.727 said, "The saddest part is that this isn’t even to help save us. It’s to help catch them after." So what are women doing to protect themselves while they're in the car?

"I always pretend I’m on the phone with someone as I enter. I’ll usually be like “okay I’m getting in the Uber I’ll send you my location love you bye”," shared one user."Set your Uber name to a guy's name. It will look like a dad/boyfriend/boss ordered it for you, thus you have someone waiting for you," advised @reallyrux. "I always make sure child lock is off, get inside with the flash on at night so you can see," @.gabbi3e recommended.

We hate that many people still have to go to these extremes to protect themselves. Again, you can take comfort in knowing that even for solo female travelers, ride-share services are stastically very safe. Still, it's important to be vigilant. Take precautions, put your safety first, and if something feels fishy, trust your instincts!

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