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Boat Trip Into 'Spook Cave' in Iowa Makes Us Claustrophobic

Humans have always been fascinated by caves- despite their darkness and danger, spelunkers can't help but plunge into the depths of the earth to uncertain ends. If you're fascinated by caves but don't want to risk life and limb on a risky excursion, though, you may enjoy a guided sight-seeing tour through one. Be warned, though- even these can get pretty spooky!

Speaking of spooky, TikTok user @mnprairiegirl recently went on a boat tour through the aptly-named "Spook Cave" in Iowa. Her video is beautiful, yet eerie and claustrophobic.

If you can't handle tight spaces, water, or the dark. then this tour is not for you. Still, it's so fascinating. The cave's formation are eerily beautiful and eye-catching, and the experience of gliding through the cave on a guide-boat is a unique one that you don't frequently find in many American caves. 

For many Midwesterners, this cave held a special, strange spot in their memories. "I thought this was a fever dream from when I was 7, I’m now realizing I actually went there," recalled @ginger_snap472. "Ah yes, I will never forget our tour guides enthusiastic SpOOOoooook CAAAaaaaaave," reminisced @alyssascupofjoe.

"When I went there as a kid they told me that if the cave water dripped on me I’d lose my hair," said @lazulifrogs. "Yes they said the same thing to me!" responded @kahlan_curry. Ok, note to self- wear a hat when visiting Spook Cave. It's almost certainly a joke, but why take any chances?

Strange, claustrophobic, unique, and otherworldly, Spook Cave is a hidden gem in the heart of the Midwest. If you visit, be sure to look out for bats- and don't forget to duck! 

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