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Woman's Tour of Her Incredible Airbnb in Croatia Has Us Blown Away

The host even stocked the fridge for her.

If you're trying to figure out your next vacation destination and are thinking about somewhere international, there are a lot of reasons to visit Croatia. There are some seriously beautiful beaches, yummy food and drinks, beautiful sights to see — the list goes on and on.

And now, we have another reason to visit: to stay in an Airbnb that @annaliagutz is showing off on TikTok. This isn't just your average crash pad, y'all. When she said it's the nicest one she's ever stayed in, she wasn't kidding, and seeing the tour of her home for the next two weeks is making us want to book a trip ASAP.

Of course, she did mention that it was a "splurge" for her, so keep that in mind while you're watching this video, but OMG — it seems like it was totally worth it. The view is incredible and the home is decorated and furnished so well, and that basket full of treats that the host left with her is amazing. So much candy! 

And as if that isn't impressive enough, there's a huge shower and a steam room inside the Airbnb, allowing for you to truly relax and pamper yourself while staying there. The fridge was fully stocked, and so was the mini bar and a little wine fridge, all for her to help herself to included in the cost. 

And then, there's the hot tub on the balcony. What?! 

This Airbnb is amazing, and perfect for a getaway in Croatia whether you're traveling solo or with a partner. We need to find this place!