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Woman Spills the Tea on Virgin Voyages 'Splash of Romance' Package

Booking a cruise ship cabin is already a big enough expense for many travelers, but some splurge on speciality packages to further enhance their vacations. Some of these packages are worth the extra cost... and some are overhyped trash. Question is, which ones are really worth it?

Travel advisor Martina (aka @mtinatravels on TikTok) decided to splurge on Virgin Voyages' sensual "Splash of Romance" package. She spills the tea on the dirty details- and whether or not it's worth the cost.

We'll be honest, we really enjoyed Martina's frankness. Some social media influencers overexaggerate their reactions to things they're reviewing, even when they're giving it an "honest" review. Martina was really straightforward, and while there were aspects of the package she loved, she also didn't hold back on pointing out its weak points either.

 For her, the hits were the early boarding, thermal spa access, and an extra bottle of complimentary champagne- but she found the snacks and the launch party lackluster. Even with these drawbacks, though, she recommends the package overall and said she'd be doing it a second time. 

Your mileage may vary, though: if her personal high points from her "Splash of Romance" experience don't seem that appealing to you, you may want to look at other packages or perks that better fit your tastes. At any rate, she gives potential Virgin Voyages cruisegoers a good idea of what to anticipate from the "Splash of Romance" package!

The price point is crucial knowledge too: what might be a nominal expense for some could be a budget-breaking splurge for others. "Currently the package costs $200 total for 2 adults. This is subject to change in the future though!" Martina detailed in the comments. 

Worth it or skip it? That answer will depend on your trip budget and, of course, your own personal taste. Hopefully, however, you'll feel better informed on whether or not you want to add an extra "splash of romance" to your next Virgin Voyages cruise!

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