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Woman Shares Important Reminder After Being Bit by a Spider in Costa Rica

You have to live each day to the fullest.

Travel can be so much fun that we almost forget that it can often be dangerous. Being aware of your surroundings wherever you are is so important — and so is being prepared for the truly unexpected to happen. Visiting different places means that you might encounter creatures you're not used to seeing at home, and sometimes, those creatures can pose a big risk. 

Insects in tropical areas are certainly on that list, as one traveler on TikTok, @movingsunshine, learned that firsthand. She got bitten by a spider in Costa Rica, and what originally seemed like a small incident turned into a months long ordeal that changed her life.

She started off on her grand adventure by meeting a group of fellow Americans on Costa Rica, and they went on to create some unforgettable memories together. They did things like check out cool dive bars and explore the hot springs before they reached their ultimate goal as a group: Hiking a volcano. 

It looks like that, too, was an incredible experience, but on the way down, she got bitten by a spider. At first, she thought it was no big deal, but a few days later, her leg was swollen, she was unable to walk, and she was becoming delirious, so she went to the hospital.

"I developed sepsis so they brought me in for emergency surgery and I woke up with a tube in my leg. After a few weeks, I was sent home with that tube but now attached to a machine so I had to learn to live with it for a few months," she said.

Now that the experience is behind her, she says it was a truly "eye-opening" one.

"It reminded me greatly how blessed I am to be able bodied and alive," she said. "From that day forward, I made a commitment to myself to treat each day as a blessing." 

It sounds like this was so scary for her to go through, but also life changing in the best way. She'll never forget these memories... and why it's so important to live to the fullest.