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Man's Viral Rant About How Much Money He Spent at 'Disneyland' Is Giving Us Life

It all adds up so fast when you're experiencing the magic.

There's no way around it: As magical as it is, trips to Disney are expensive. Even if you manage to get a great discount on a hotel, park tickets are always going to hit your wallet hard... and at this point, we haven't even mentioned the cost of food or all the goodies you will inevitably buy once you're inside the park.

If you feel like a trip to Disneyland is sucking your bank account dry, you're far from alone, and one man on TikTok (@max_balegde) is ready to commiserate. He shared a video about all the cash he dropped while he was drinking at the theme park, and OMG — we feel bad for his budget, but this is also kind of hilarious.

One by one, he went through the purchases he made while he was drunk at Disneyland, and it's easy to see that these are things he probably wouldn't have bought if he was sober. After some wine, he bought a lanyard and a bunch of pins, because apparently, he decided he wanted to be a pin collector, and that was just the beginning.

There's the giant Simba plush, and the bag full of goodies he purchased on the way out after drinking vodka while watching the fireworks. He easily spent hundreds of dollars! 

"I'm going to have to re-mortgage the house, and I don't even have a house!" he said.

At least he'll have his memories... and his new stuffed Simba. Let this be a lesson to all of us!