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Airbnb 'Spa Cabin' in New York That Comes With Free Massages Is Just Too Good

When you think places to visit in New York, your mind first probably goes straight to New York City. However, let's not forget that upstate New York is a beautiful area with rich verdant forests, charming cities, and mountain ranges, and has many hidden gems of its own. One such hidden gem is an Airbnb found in Remsen, New York. If you've been dying for a serene spa getaway, complete with luxurious massages, you're gonna want to see this place.

Situated in a beautiful forest, there's more to this charming cabin than meets the eye from the outside- this is a luxury "spa cabin," where free massages are included with your stay! The folks behind the TikTok account @journey.more, which documents great Airbnb finds, stayed there and tell us all about it in this video. 

This place is the best! Anywhere that offers complimentary massages with your stay is a winner in our book, and the spa area looks high-quality. We were blown away by that indoor waterfall! We also just loved the surrounding property itself... it's so peaceful, private, and quiet, the ideal spot for a stress-free getaway. We could all use a vacation like this.

Want to book your spa getaway here? The video's creator, @journey.more, includes a booking link in their page's profile! We hope more visitors share their own experiences at this enticing spa cabin... it looks absolutely tempting!

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