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Couple's Mid-Air 'Wedding' on a Southwest Flight Is Something We Don't See Every Day

Nothing quite beats Southwest flight crews.

Nothing against the traditional wedding ceremony and reception scene — who doesn't love getting down on the dance floor? But there's something truly special about seeing a couple commit their lives to one another in a totally unique and different way. It's fun to see the cool locations people choose to say their vows, especially when it's meaningful to who they are in their relationship.

And then, there is this wedding... which happened to take place on a Southwest flight. We're not surprised that this video on TikTok that was posted by @o.skifilms is going viral, since this isn't something you see every day! 

We can see two people in the aisle saying their vows in the video (and neither of them happen to be wearing traditional wedding outfits, so no big white dress here). From what we can see, it seems like a flight attendant officiated over the ceremony, and it was so heartwarming to see how everyone on the plane clapped when they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

This wasn't their official wedding, though — according to a comment left by one of the couple's friends, this was more of a joke (albeit an adorable one). 

"They just got married and the flight attendant wanted to re-marry them before their honeymoon in Mexico. Just a silly little joke," she explained.

Still, this is such a cute and romantic moment — and definitely something that this couple is never going to forget!