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Southwest Flight Attendant Poses for Selfies With Passenger's Dog and We're Loving It

Traveling with a dog can be tricky- navigating an airport and sitting through a long plane ride can be a tiring experience for anyone, and adding the extra hoops you have to jump through when traveling with a pet can make it even more so!

However, the upshot is that generally, most people like dogs! This can lead to some sweet interactions with people if you and your doggy are open to it- just like @thealiromero, who recently took a flight on Southwest Airlines with her young Australian Shepherd. The flight attendants could not get enough of the adorable puppy!

AWW!  We can see why they were so enthralled... her puppy is so adorable and sweet! They all can't wait to get their turn to say hello. Airplane rides are cramped and boring experiences for dogs, so it must have been nice for the pup, too, to receive lots of attention and affection before they took off!

We wish we could cuddle an Aussie Shepherd before a flight, too. We hope Ali and her furry travel companion had a smooth ride- with maybe some parting pats for the puppy!