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Southwest Flight Attendant's Kind Gesture Toward Crying Baby Is the Kindness the World Needs

What a gem of a person she is!

As annoyed as someone on a plane might be by a crying baby, it's nothing compared to the stress that baby's parents feel while flying. It's hard enough to travel with kids, but when things are going wrong and you feel like it's your kid disturbing everyone on the plane, it can quickly feel like it was the worst idea in the world to leave the house in the first place.

But there are people out there who understand what it's like, and those people are the ones who end up being a parent's hero. And one thankful mom, @jessicawindsorr, recently took to TikTok to share how her flight attendant on a Southwest plane saved the day when her baby wouldn't stop crying. 

According to Mom's caption on the post, it was her baby's first plane ride, and It became forever memorable when a flight attendant took the baby for a tour of the plane, walking them around and talking to them so sweetly. When this mom said this flight attendant deserves a raise, she wasn't kidding — people like this are a parent's lifeline in moments like these.

"I don’t have kids yet & this makes my heart so happy. We need more people like her," one person commented on the video.

A fellow mom wrote, "My two year old and I are flying southwest tomorrow for his first flight. This makes my nerves feel better." 

Whoever this flight attendant is, we hope she knows how appreciated she is. Talk about going above and beyond!