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Video of Southwest Flight Attendant Helping Out a Solo Mom Is Touching Hearts

We've seen a lot of wonderful TikTok videos lately of flight attendants going above and beyond to do something special or help out their passengers, and it seems like many of these videos are specifically of Southwest Airlines attendants being awesome! Seriously, we've seen a lot of great Southwest attendants lately, which only goes to show how much we should appreciate their service.

Air travel is a very stressful experience for parents of young children, and unfortunately it can become stressful for the rest of the cabin too. The changes in pressure often hurt the ears of babies, causing them to get scared and cry, and getting a scared, hurting baby to calm down again is not easy. However, one compassionate attendant on a recent Southwest flight saw a solo mother struggling to calm her baby, and decided to step in and help! TikTok user @jennajohnson5763 captured the magical moment on video here.

Oh my gosh. This is so sweet. This attendant really went the extra mile for that poor mom. And she's doing a great job: she is absolutely beaming, and the baby looks relaxed and happy! "@Southwest Airlines give this woman a raise," commented user @graachoo. We second that! Many others echoed this sentiment in the comments... we all want to see her hard work and kind service appreciated!

"This is lovely. Children are part of our society, good to see them embraced," remarked user @miichelletx. This video also prompted other parents to share their travel stories in the comments. "Hubby and I flew with our daughter to visit family. The flight attendants snatched her so fast! She greeted the passengers and giggled," recounted user @stephaniegeorge07. "This happened to me many years ago! Screaming toddler & a saint flight attendant," said user @mitchelllee77. These stories warm our hearts.

This should remind everyone to respect and appreciate our flight attendants when we travel- they really do so much. We hope this woman gets a raise for going above and beyond in her service, and we hope the mother's travels went a bit more smoothly after they touched down!