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Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants' Birthday Surprise for Little Girl Is Just Too Cute

We don't appreciate good flight attendants enough. They work long shifts, spend tons of time away from home, and often have to deal with aggressive or unruly passengers. Despite all that though, they do their best to make flying a comfortable and safe experience, and will even go the extra mile for some special passengers.

At least, that's what one Southwest Airlines attendant did on a recent flight. In this moment caught on video by Tiktok user @kaylabentley_, the attendant gets on the microphone to make a couple unusual requests of the passengers. When you discover why she's making these requests though, it'll warm your heart.

Oh my gosh, it's magic at 30,000 feet. According to the video's creator in the comments, Emily, the girl whose birthday was being celebrated, was turning 5. Since you can't have lit candles on board an airplane, she "blew out" all the reading lights in the entire cabin! The effect is visually striking too, with the cabin turning deep blue as the lights go out. That'll be a birthday experience Emily will remember for a long time! What a beautiful moment, and how wonderful for the flight attendant to make it happen!

A couple commenters noted the downsides of this practice: "Someone was def in deep sleep and hella mad when they woke up to this 😭." remarked @amaiimoooo. LOL, we suppose that could be true. However, it was so touching to see most of the cabin playing along! As user @andykpgt quipped, "Everybody passed the vibe check." Some of the passengers even went a little further to recreate the visual effects of blowing out birthday candles, which some commenters caught: "The guy that made his light look like it was sputtering ❤️" pointed out @lawyerladytx. Rewatch the video if you didn't catch it the first time... you can see him on the left hand side.

We hope Emily had a great birthday! That attendant definitely went the extra mile to make that little girl's birthday a special one. It just goes to remind us to appreciate our flight attendants for all of their hard work and dedication!

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