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Southern California 'Travel Gem' Is Like Stepping Back in Time

Southern California is one of the most heavily populated areas in the whole country, and with its opulent and ultra-modern cities, it can get quite overwhelming at times. If you need a break from it all in Southern California, there's a nice little travel gem up in the mountains that's almost like taking a step back through time.

TikTok user @wannabevanlifer documents great road trip spots throughout a lot of the Southwest US. Today, she takes us on a little trip to Oak Tree Mountain, where you can enjoy a fun low-key family theme park that takes its visitors back to the Gold Rush days. It's very charming, and though it's open year round, it's especially perfect in the fall.

This is precious! We were blown away at just how much there is to do, see, and eat here! This is the ultimate place for a lowkey day trip, and we can see why she wanted to highlight it. Truly a hidden travel gem!

Locals chimed in with their favorite Oak Tree Mountain recommendations. "The gorditas at El Mexicano restaurant are delicious," recommended @ehmfchjhdh. "Best honey in the world sold there! Haha, so many different flavors," shared @moxxi_m. "Its apple season now! u can pick ur own apples," said @moebadboy. Fall apple picking up in the mountains of Southern California? Now that sounds like a dream.

We were instantly charmed by this unique little spot. We'll be sure to check it out if we're ever in the area!