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Bucket List of Amazing Activities in South America Is Serious Goals

If you're a person with some serious travel aspirations, you've already probably got a long bucket list of things you want to do and places you want to see. But how comprehensive is your bucket list? If you're looking for amazing experiences to try in South America, we've got some great suggestions right here.

TikTok travel vlogger @baileyturvey is popular on the app for her budget solo travel advice. Her South American bucket list activities are amazing, unique, and- most importantly-pretty affordable. 

Oh yeah- these are some serious travel goals right here. Excuse us while we tack these onto our ever-growing bucket list!

What we especially love about this list, compared to some aspirational bucket lists out there, is its affordability. So many travel influencers show off these amazing resorts they've stayed at or things they've done- but the catch is that the price tag is in the thousands of dollars. You'd have to be rich or save up for a long, long time to swing them. 

All of these activities, though, while thrilling and unique, aren't too steep pricewise for the average world traveler to swing. The most expensive thing on here is the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu- and even that comes out to just around $271 for five days, according to Bailey. That would break down to just over $54 a day for a guided hike to Machu Picchu with accommodations and meals- not too shabby!

People were pretty psyched about the activities she shared here! "I’ve been wanting to do Salkantay Trek for awhile now! So affordable too," @burketravelscheap chimed in. "Ahhh it all looks so good!!" cried @budgetandbackpack. "Omg where is the skiing???" @baljeet23235 had to know. "Huacachina in Peru," Bailey replied. 

One traveler, however, did give a caveat about one of the places on her list. "Casa En El Agua [the floating hostel at the top of the list] is a hit or miss. If the group is not meshing well, it’s not a good vibe since you’re all stuck together," warned @thisismdv. Good to know... if you go there, you may want to bring along a group of friends that you know can hang well! 

Bailey's awesome activity list is everything you'd want in a bucket list- inspiring, unique, and actually achievable! We hope to cross some of these off of our own respective lists soon. 

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