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Video of 'Sound of Music' Tour in Austria Tugs at Our Heartstrings

The timeless film The Sound of Music is just as beloved by its millions of fans as it was when it came out 57 years ago- if not more so now. The musical has been staged thousands of times over the years, but nothing is more memorable than the 1965 film. Part of why it's held up so well was because it was filmed on location in Salzburg, Austria

Many of the original locations are still there, too! Travel influencer @kacierose4 went on a special "Sound of Music" tour in Salzburg.

We may have gotten a bit misty-eyed at this. It's incredible how so many of these locations are not only still around, but also look just as they did in the film, apparently barely touched by time over the nearly six decades between then and now. The gorgeous villas, the tree-lined roads, even the gazebo where Liesel runs off to dance with her boyfriend in the rain- it's all still there!

So many of Kacie's followers had connections to or experienced the tour themselves, and they all loved it- a testament to how beloved the musical is to this day. "My sister was an exchange student and she went out of her way to do this tour/experience. LOVE The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews," chimed in @ericareith6. "I loved this tour! Our bus driver had the whole bus singing all the songs from the movie - it was so much fun," reminisced @therese2andy.

"My favorite city in the world, my favorite musical & a wonderful tour which I did in 1998 at 17 years old when visiting Europe for the first time!," admired @kristenek1. "I did the same and clutched my heart the entire day," shared

Of course, there was one crucial question that had to be answered. "Please tell us you sang and danced somewhere on this tour," asked @barbaraann218. "10000%," Kacie responded. Good! You can't let an opportunity like that slip by.

There's something so wonderful knowing that all of these iconic locations are still there, full of childhood memories and nostalgia for us all. We won't rest until we go to Salzburg and see them for ourselves!

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