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Mom's Epic Reaction to Son Surprising Her in Barcelona Is Pure Internet Gold

No wonder the video is going viral!

As if going on vacation isn't exciting enough, adding a special surprise really takes it to the next level. Sometimes, it's an extra activity that was planned in secret, sometimes, it's even a marriage proposal... and sometimes, it's seeing someone show up in another country who you never expected to be there. 

In this case, one mom got a major surprise when she was in Barcelona for a three week work trip. She thought she was just there on business, but as she found out in this video from TikTok, her son (@maddoxmogenson_) flew out to surprise her, and boy, was she ever surprised. You have to see the look on her face when she walked into the room and realized who was waiting for her there!

This is a woman who is in total shock in the best way possible, and we are loving it. Seeing the look on her face had to have been worth the price of the plane ticket out there for her kid! And after seeing the moment unfold ourselves, it's even funnier to read the comments from everyone comparing her look of shock to Sarah Paulson's in American Horror Story.

At first, she definitely didn't believe what was happening, and then that disbelief turned to so much happiness. Aww! 

Parents with adult children know how hard it is to get that quality time in when everyone is so busy, so this must have been extra special for this mom and her son. How sweet!