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Woman Shares Some of the Top Places She's Visited As a Solo Traveler

Being a solo traveler certainly has its pros and cons. Venturing out on your own definitely gives you more freedom to beat to your own drum! It also get you out of your comfort zone, which will subsequently empower you. Being solo also allows you to choose your dream destinations and not have the pressures of pleasing travel companions with activities, dining, excursions, hotel accommodations, and the like.

That's why we're loving this video from TikTok creator @jenonajetplane. The clip below is part of a series where she reveals the top 5 places she'd visited on her own.

TikTok viewers were loving her pick of Jordan. "Jordan was amazing!," declares @amotesmash. Another user, @vania.patricia stated, "I was there earlier this year. One of the best places I ever visited." Other viewers called out how safe they felt there. "Love this! Amazing! I didn’t think I’d feel safe going solo, but now I’m much more inspired to go alone," says @lunadesoul. We love this too, safety is paramount, especially when venturing out alone.

In Part 1 of her series, she highlighted New Zealand, and we can't say we're surprised at just how amazing her experience was. 

Continuing with her trip around the globe, in Part 2, she takes us to Bali, where she enjoyed the spectacular island alongside the local people. It just has so much to offer solo travelers! 

Get your pen and paper and get that 'bucket list' going. There are just so many incredible places in this world to explore, and you don't have to wait for anyone to go with you. Enjoy, and happy travels!