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Woman's Solo European Christmas Trip Is a Breath of Fresh Air

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Solo traveling and exploring by yourself takes tons of confidence and courage, especially for a woman. Women today yearn for that empowerment, but commonly allow that little voice inside of our heads called fear to hold us back. A solo trip can very often be that much needed breath of fresh air and rejuvenation our mind, body, and soul crave.

TikTok video contributor @travelingterry shares her solo European Christmas trip, and she looks like she's having a ball! We have to say, her vacation is making us want to follow suit.

Fabulous sightseeing, luxurious accommodations, wonderful cuisine, shopping, spa appointments, and not having to follow anyone's agenda sounds great, right? You just can't beat it.

TikTok viewers say, yes please, sign us up! Fan @thebubblyminimalist writes, "I’ll also be going solo to Europe for the first time this holiday season! I’m so excited!"  User @oak0329 says, "I had my first solo trip in October this year. I went to Portugal and it was amazing! I felt so liberated!" We can only imagine how freeing it is to step out of your comfort zone like that. Commenter @nlblueyes adds, "I'm going on a solo trip to Scotland for the holidays. although I am meeting up with my cousins for a first time ever." 

Solo travel is something we should all do at least once. Enjoy yourself, and make priceless and precious memories, even without your wingman. You are much braver than you think. 

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