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Woman's Solo Day of Exploring Italian Town Doesn't Go As Planned

Traveling solo and exploring by yourself doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes even the most well thought out plans can go 'sideways', but never fear, some of the best experiences in life are ones that are accidental, impromptu, and spontaneous. And what more of a fabulous place for this misstep to occur, none other than spectacular Italy?

We adore this video that TikTok videographer @aili.likes.adventure shares with us. Absolutely hilarious and she will instantly 'have you' wishing you were her. Like it just keeps getting better and better. Seriously, cannot make this up. Would you do this? 

TikTok viewers fall in love with her 2-hour lunch excursion and 'cheers' her (no pun intended) all the way! User @amal.zytn writes, "This was like a scene from a movie, and I love it." We love it, too. Can we be her best-supporting actor/actress? So awesome! Fan @tuesdayschilddd asks, "Wait was this day 1? Oh girl! Italy is so relaxed, you could've taken the wine AND the cat home." Viewer @marta_godlewska_tse laughingly states, "Me; I know it's a mistake... me; I should go home; nope let's make more mistakes" OMG, yup, we have to admit, this would be us, too. Oh, and the stairs, we sure hope she's okay. 

Wine, amazing seafood, ambience, and atmosphere, not to mention a non-human new best friend. Need we say more? Sign us up, as this sounds like the best unplanned exploring event EVER! Salute' everyone.

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