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Woman Shares Safety Tips She Used on Her First Solo Camping Trip

Solo camping is something so many women want to embark upon, but fear holds us back. We admit, it will absolutely takes loads of courage and confidence, but the empowerment and life-changing experience is priceless. Camping or glamping, it's very important for every woman to camp alone, even if it's only once.

TikTok videographer @jaceywest shares some great solo camping tips that are so smart, so safe and will definitely increase your mental comfort level by double digits. Check out just how clever and bright she is. Are you ready for your solo camping journey? 

She recommends picking a familiar campsite and knowing your surroundings on your first solo adventure just in case you need to make a quick exit. Also, set up your site with (2) camp chairs, instead of (1), so it appears like you are not alone. Packing a few 'weapons' like mace, a knife, bear spray, even an alarm/whistle just to be on the super safe side (hopefully you will never need). Better safe than sorry!

TikTok viewers really are grateful for this information. User @michellelea06 writes, "I second the chairs idea, smart. Always back in, even if with others, it helps for so many things. Needing booster cables, tow, engine work, safer, etc." We agree, backing in is super smart! Fan @sydshall says, "I brought my husband's hiking boots and set them out next to mine when I went solo camping!" Viewer @_lindseyrenae says, "Thank you!! Camping alone is something I so badly want to do, but I've always been too scared to do it. This is so helpful." 

Listen up: plan wisely, get out there and thoroughly enjoy yourself. You are braver than you think. Just always, always listen to your gut and intuition. Happy trails!