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Images From 1950s of Chair Lift in Wyoming With No Safety Rails Has Us Sweating

Safety standards were different in the 1950's. Seat belts weren't mandatory, there was lead in the gasoline, cigarettes were still being advertised as bracing for your health... we could go on, but you get the idea. Lots of safety measures that seem obvious to us today didn't even come to mind back then.

Sometimes, though, you look back on those times and really go "What were they THINKING?" One such example? The Snow King Chairlift in Jackson, Wyoming. TikTok user @aarontherebel shows us photos taken of the chairlift during the 50's and 60's. But something crucial is missing...

If you were able to watch this video without your stomach flipping several times, you must have a heart of steel. No safety bars?!?! These images triggered instant vertigo for us. We don't even want to think about the pictures with the dog or the baby... that could have gone wrong in so many ways.

"The anxiety these pictures caused 😳," commented @mama4plus1. "What were they thinking? However, I wonder what people will say about us in 50 years," mused @jlin828

As shocking as these pictures are, however, they don't tell the whole story. See, there's a bit of forced perspective happening here. While the photos are shot from an angle that makes the riders look like they're hundreds of feet up, "...the photos are taken from the hillside. It’s possible that you’re never more than 10ft off the ground as you go up the side of the mountain." explains @squirrelwhisperer3. 

Yep, still a rough tumble if you fall out unprepared, but not the instant plummet to your death that the pictures suggest. After all, it's a ski lift- they're designed for skiers to jump out of and land in the snow! In fact, while some ski lifts now have safety bars, many still do not. "Still have chairlifts like this at our local ski resort with no problems," confirms @kyle4g63. Plus, for areas where a fall would be potentially dangerous... "You can’t see it in these pictures but there are some online there was a mesh net underneath," said @meguivaa. 

The previous generations had a sense of humor, too- they knew this perspective would freak people out! But who back then could have known that these photos would still be shocking people to this day? 

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