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Woman's Trick for Sneaking Booze Onto a Flight Is Going Viral

While air travel itself is awesome, the hurdles you have to go through to get on the plane itself are less awesome... like that rule about limiting liquids to 3.4 oz bottles. While there are security reasons why this is policy, it almost seems like airports are trying to get you to pay for their overpriced water bottles once you're through security. If you like to sip a little booze while you fly, expect those prices to double!

However, a few sly travelers have found ways to sneak a little liquor on board so they can enjoy a cheap buzz on their flight! TikTok user @thezestful lets us in on her little secret with this video.

Of mouthwash bottles. As far as anyone else knows, you're just passionate about dental hygiene! LOL! "The fact that it’s the zero alcohol Listerine has me dying," said user @cribbenpo in the comments. You gotta love the irony.

However, some people were concerned about the, um, legality of @thezestful's life hack. "A cute little federal offense for you but okay" pointed out user @torywall. User @idkmacy responded similarly: "Just ur friendly reminder that this is against federal law besties be careful."

The legality of this video is more complicated than you'd think. According to FAA regulations, there's actually no law against bringing alcohol onto a plane as long as it's in an appropriately-sized container, meaning @thezestful didn't even have to disguise it! However, it IS illegal to actually drink that alcohol while you're on the plane, as FAA regulations prohibit the consumption of alcohol on board the flight unless it is served by the air carrier. Just know that if you try this on your flight, there could be very serious consequences if you get caught. It's better to just pony up the extra funds for a legal cocktail- it's cheaper than the tens of thousands of dollars you could potentially face in fines and legal fees.

This controversy, however, didn't stop one celebrity from making a appearance in the comments: Dierks Bentley, the man who provided the background music to this TikTok, "Drunk On A Plane." Dierks simply replied "Ha. Awesome." He liked seeing someone living up to the spirit of his song!

As clever and funny as the idea is, though, no life hack is worth getting in trouble with the FAA. Enjoy your next flight, but please, drink responsibly!

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