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Video Tour of Tiniest Cabin on 'Norwegian Prima' Is Just Too Cute

Due to the recent launch of their newest cruise liner, the Prima, Norwegian Cruise Lines has been running the media circuit and taking over the cruising section of TikTok. We've seen some of the ship's many amazing attractions, and gotten a peek inside their high-end suites. But what about solo travelers who may want to experience the Prima on a microbudget?

TikTok cruise enthusiast @ilove2cruise got to do what she loves best on board the Prima. While exploring the ship, she got a peek inside one of their studio cabins!

Honestly, this is much nicer than we would have expected. Because they have limited space within their cabins themselves, studio room guests have access to a private lounge that's just for other studio travelers, where they can relax in relative peace and quiet. Inside the cabin itself, though, we found the bathroom and storage compartments to be surprisingly spacious, and the decor of the cabin to be cute and comfortable!

The only downside (besides the cramped conditions, obviously) is that, unfortunately, there isn't actually a window after all. "No windows, all interior. one channel on TV has live view outside," explains @suedoover. That's not the same as having a window... but to be fair, windowless studio cabins are pretty much par for the course on most cruise liners. Overall, this suite is still pretty sweet!

But what did the viewers think of this look inside? Some were understandably a little bummed out by the relatively subpar conditions of solo traveler cabins overall. "It’s a bummer that solo cruisers have to pay double or stay in a closet" @davide_design remarked. Yeah, we will say that we wish ships would provide solo travelers with an option closer to a standard stateroom without having to pay the supplement. "Solo travelers should have the option for balconies, too," agreed @hilkendrick. Hear, hear!

However, other frequent solo travelers are fine with the minimal accommodations. "I’m totally ok with that," responded @my_peace_of_mind. "Love the studios! Perfect amount of space. The bed is big and never in there except to sleep and change," said @blove83. At this point, many solo travelers have gotten used to making do with small accommodations- and to be honest, who wants to spend their whole cruise in their cabin anyway? The Prima might not be breaking new ground with their studio cabins, but they're still a pretty nice option for solo travelers!

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