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Video of Man's 'Skydiving' Proposal in Mexico Just Upped the Standard for Everyone

A great proposal, if done right (and if the answer is yes) can be the best night of someone's life. Sometimes, though, it seems like couples around the world try to one-up everyone else by coming up with more and more elaborate proposal scenarios!

The couple behind the TikTok account @the2fromdownunder caught one such proposal on camera- not their own, but someone else's! They were relaxing on a beach in Mexico when a skydiver landed just a few yards away from them- and things only got crazier from there!

Jeez...the standards for the ultimate proposal have just been raised yet again. That's gonna be a hard one to top! It must have been such a thrilling experience not only for the happy couple but also for all the witnesses...if only that tractor didn't awkwardly interrupt the romantic scene!

Viewers from all over the world chimed in on this skydiving proposal that was, ironically, anything but down-to-earth! "I cant even imagine the nerves he must've had to not just jump from the sky but then also propose 😂," observed @tablespoon71. "Adorable but never do this to me I don't want the video in a parachute gear 😂♥️," said @w.boss.babe- fair enough.

"How you propose says a lot about your lifestyle, these two are gonna have so much fun,' stated @eeastere. Oh, we can see it for sure... the couple that jumps out of a plane together, stays together! 

And of course, everyone else was peeved about the interrupting tractor too. "🚜 Showtime 😂😂," laughed one user. But there was more to the story! "Soo funny because at one point they were in the tractor's way so it started beeping the horn 😂," replied @the2fromdownunder. Jeez, tractor driver, read the room....uh, beach!

Noisy tractor aside, this proposal was one for the ages. We know this video is gonna have couples sweating thinking of ways to top this!