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Video of Man Climbing Famous 'Sky Ladder' in Austria Makes Our Palms Sweat

Thanks, but no thanks!

People travel for all kinds of reasons, depending on the kind of activities they enjoy. For some of us, visiting a new place means new surroundings to kick back and relax in, maybe do a little shopping and sight seeing. For others, it means exploring and having adventures that you wouldn't be able to have at home. 

The thrill-seekers out there in the second category who are planning a trip to Austria in the near future are probably going to want to see this TikTok video from @karaandnate. They shared their experience climbing the famous sky ladder, and it's almost too scary to even watch this video! 

This adventurous husband and wife couple is known for sharing their travels on TikTok, and this climb was one of their most daring yet. They even ranked it in the "top three craziest things" they've ever done, and after watching the video, it's easy to see why. They're climbing on a ladder, suspended more than 2,000 feet above the ground. Of course, they're taking all safety precautions, like clipping in to the ladder in case they fall and wearing helmets, but still... this is risky! 

We can totally understand why he sounds a bit nervous in this video as he takes deep breaths and continues his climb. This is so wild that a lot of people wouldn't even attempt it at all. 

The sky ladder is actually called the Donnerkogel Klettersteig, and it's nicknamed "the stairway to heaven" (we can see why). This kind of climb is only recommended for experts, so it's not really a casual travel activity — it's for the hardcore climbers out there.

There's no doubt that the view and the accomplishment of climbing to the top will be worth it... but we might just stay here on the ground instead.