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Cool 'Sky Dome' Resort Near the Grand Canyon Is So Unique

Now, this is too cool! If unique and themed is your choice of accommodations, then this resort is for you!  This neat and spectacular destination, located nearby the Grand Canyon, is a one-of-a-kind place that will have you surrounded by the breathtaking Arizona sunrises, sunsets, and incredible panoramic views, all while in the comforts of a glass dome suite.

We are wowed by TikTok creator @clearskyresorts video of this next-level experience! Which interior is your favorite?

Welcome to Clear Sky Resorts, a comfortable hideaway located nearby the Grand Canyon that offers an epic experience among some of the most picturesque views amid the desert landscape. The themed interior rooms are super cool, and the glass sky domes allow for star gazing you have only ever dreamed of!

TikTok fans love this place! User @xamandajeanx writes, "I went here with my hubby. We stayed in the floating bed room and it was a cool experience! The bed was a little squeaky and uncomfortable, so I think next time, we'll go with a regular bed, but still highly recommend!" A floating bed??? Whoa. Commenter @alxxmarieeee says, "Need to host my next girls trip here! That sounds SO fun! Pajamas and video games in the pink dome room, sign us up! And viewer @ameliahanak declares "This is awesome!!!" 

Whether your trip is with family, friends, solo, or a romantic excursion, this resort should be a must-visit. If you're seeking even more fun, they offer an option of a British secret agent, space galaxy, or video game-themed room, which seriously sounds like a blast! Enjoy!

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