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Reality of the Ski Conditions in Vermont in January Is Such a Buzz Kill

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Vermont in January is a very popular place for East coasters to get their 'ski on.' It's a usual weekend getaway for so many, but this year, they may be diverted somewhere else. Ski conditions currently here are kind of a buzz kill, maybe we can transport in a few tons of snow from Buffalo?

TikTok video creator @hayesbtv shows us the current situation in Vermont. Wait, did the plane divert to the wrong destination? Um, where's the snow? 

Vermont has some of the best skiing in North America and offers wonderful variety of venues. From classic ski runs to steep descents, visitors love coming here for all of their snow adventures. December through February are considered the best months for optimal ski conditions when the temperatures rarely get above 40 degrees -- which usually brings plenty of snow. 

TikTok viewers think Mother Nature is wild and unpredictable. User @denny_dennys writes, "Vermont's snow seems to decline every year. Makes me sad. Used to be covered year round growing up." The seasons are keeping us guessing for sure. User @spencerterwilliger says, "Yeah, I don't know about you, but here in Buffalo, we got enough snow." Isn't that the truth? Another comment from @gbak65 adds, "Wow, that's crazy, usually a lot of snow there." 

We are all hopeful Vermont get's its distinct snow-covered, blanketed slopes very soon so we can plan our visit to get our ski fix. It seems we need to burn off all the calorie intake from their famous maple syrup we've been consuming while waiting for the slopes to open! 

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